Are you dreaming of staying at a sea facing villa, with an infinity pool overlooking crystal clear waters of the turquoise Indian Ocean? If sun, sea, sand and tranquility are on your mind then “Voile Bleue” is definitely for you. A chic boutique hotel which is perfect for anyone who’s longing for a summery, calming, modern and oh-so-rejuvenating place. There’s an overwhelming sense of placidity as you enter this gorgeous property.

Are you still thinking where to go on your next holiday? Well in that case I’d suggest you to consider this dreamy island called “Mauritius” which has everything from laid back bliss, serenity to water sport activities and everything a perfect beach destination could offer. So if you’re a kind of person who prefers to sit back and sip cocktails or is an adrenaline junkie or who simply likes to lie down on a hammock and soak in the surroundings, then go for it!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Blending in with the locals is an art which one needs to master in order to travel smoothly. Well, this doesn’t mean you’ve to abandon your identity and emulate them mindlessly. But, to be respectful and polite to their culture and traditions one should try to commingle as much as possible.

A tropical paradise with an intriguing culture and plenty to explore. Bali, known for its lush green rice terraces, cascading waterfalls, palm fringed beaches, warm friendly people, Volcanic mountains and some of the world’s best resorts. Everything blends seamlessly into one another making it one idyllic island that really has it all!

No matter who you are or what you love, Kuala Lumpur certainly has something to offer you! A vibrant and bustling city just waiting to be explored. If you want a bit of culture, food, parties, shopping or adventure, it has got you covered! I’ve just come back from Malaysia and it’s so beautiful that I can go back again in a heartbeat!